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UFO Rides HFFD01

  • Model: Park Model
  • Use range: Mainly used in parks, large amusement parks, closed communities, schools, resorts, villas, pedestrian streets,etc.
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  • UFO Rides - HFFD01

    Load: 24riders
    Power: 55.5kw
    Motor: 22kw
    Work Time:3min
    Biggest angular:55°
    Wheel Diameter: 6.5m
    Height: 8.4m
    Operation height:10.4m
    Area Width:7m
    Area Length:24m
    Track length:28m
    Include fence area:28*9m

    UFO amusement park ride is another exciting and fun amusement equipment, it is a big turntable, itself will rotate, but also along the crescent-shaped track back and forth taxiing, the passenger is sitting on the edge of the turntable, back to the center of the turntable, the process is like High-speed sky flying general stimulation.
    UFO amusement equipment is a type of scooter type amusement equipment swinging back and forth along a horizontal axis orbit. After the equipment is started, it slowly accelerates from a slow swing to a rapid swing. Passengers ride on a motorcycle-shaped cockpit, Swing back and forth, the broader market also with the swing to do 360-degree rotation, as if to visit the sea of stormy waves, and sometimes washed up the waves, and sometimes fall into the bottom, thrills, challenges passenger psychological endurance limit!

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