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Thrill Rides HFFB01

  • Model: Park Model
  • Use range: Mainly used in parks, large amusement parks, closed communities, schools, resorts, villas, pedestrian streets,etc.
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  • Thrill Rides - HFFB01

    Load:40 riders(5Arms)
    Power: 36kw
    oil pump+Air pump
    Work time:3min
    Operation diameter:13m
    Operation height:5.5m
    Area include fence: 15m
    Container: 2 * 40HQ


    Energy storm amusement ride is a self-controlled aircraft class amusement equipment. This equipment mainly adopts hydraulic and motor combined drive mode.
    Tourists sitting on the seat, driven by the motor, rotating the main arm around the main axis of rotation, at the same time link arm and other hydraulic power system driven, driven seat parts around the connecting rod axis from bottom to top for 180 ° semi-circle tilt Movement, seat part of the rotary power unit drives each seat around the sub-axis rotation. The intense acceleration of energy storm rotation and the best way to rotate, will bring you advanced rotation experience.
    Your intense facial expression will be integrated with the visual effects of energy storms, making energy storms a very attractive attraction in the park.
    Do you want to know the dual stimulation of revolution and rotation on an asteroid? Come to energy storm come! While the boom boom is rotating,
    our cockpit is also powered up and down to create an energy storm with incredible speed and double rotation! Super acceleration during rotation,
    as well as vertical and inverted rotation, gives you a multi-sport way to stimulate the experience.


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