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Tourist Train Ride HFTR20B

  • Power: Electric or Diesel
  • Coach: Open or Closed
  • Material: Fiberglass+steel
  • Certificate: CE & ISO
  • Coach: 2pc or 3pcs to choose
  • Use range: Mainly used in parks, large amusement parks, closed communities, schools, garden-style hotels, resorts, villas, pedestrian streets, shopping malls, etc.
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  • tourist train ride HFTR20B

    Rated load:40+2
    Speed:20 km/h
    Minimum turning radius ≥7.8m
    Maximum degree of climbing (no-load) ≤15°
    Maximum braking distance ≤2 m
    Maximum gradient (full load) ≤10°
    Minimum ground clearance ≥150
    Wheelbase (coach) :2370mm(2260mm)
    Locomotive weight: 2450kgs
    Tread (coach):1260mm(1150mm)
    Coach sieze:3950*1700*2480mm

    trackless tourist train ride one by two way, one locomotive, followed by the composition of two coaches, sightseeing car is a tourist area for the establishment of a regional electric car, mainly for parks, large amusement parks, closed communities , Campus, garden-style hotels, resorts, villas, urban pedestrian streets, shopping malls and other areas of the development of special environmentally friendly electric passenger cars.

    Structure and working principle:

    1. the locomotive consists of traction locomotive (including drive, control device), tow bar, trailer and other parts.

    2. the working principle: The trolley train tractor and trailer components. The working principle is driven by the traction locomotive behind the car. The vehicle compartment wheels are two-wheel steering, tractor is a single wheel (front wheel) steering; In the course of use, the entire train is forbidden to reverse, if you need to reverse, you should disconnect the rear two compartments, separate operation traction locomotive.

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